advanced scoring system

Supercharge Your Performance with the T-Score™

Enter the future of firearms training apps with Brass’s game-changing feature: the Triumph Score or T-Score.. This innovative algorithm catapults Brass to the forefront.

  • Unfiltered gauge of shooting excellence
  • Analyzes accuracy, speed, and precision of each drill
  • Delivers an unmatched appraisal of your skills

After each drill, your earned T-Score is a data-driven testament to your shooting finesse.

  • Monitor your progress
  • Surpass your past achievements
  • Witness real improvements

Whether you’re a fierce competitor or aiming for personal growth, the T-Score arms you with insights to master marksmanship.

training modes

Personalized Drills for Your Journey to Confidence

Real-Time Training – Step into the world of live-fire drills with real-time precision and target scanning.

  • Choose from an extensive library of expertly crafted drills, each designed to challenge specific aspects of your shooting skill set.
  • Your smartphone becomes your personal shot clock, guiding you through the challenge with precise timing. Hit targets as the clock counts down
  • After each drill, scan your target.  The app calculates your T-Score, delivering instant feedback on accuracy, speed, and precision
  • Adjust on the spot for continuous improvement

 Shot Clock – Perfect your skills with the Shot Timer mode.

  • Improve reaction time and speed by performing drills against the clock
  • Intuitive Shot Timer gives you precise start and stop audio and visual cues for each drill, measuring performance with precision
  • The Shot Timer Training mode sharpens skills and quickly gets you to peak shooting performance

Dry-Fire Training – Embrace the convenience and cost-effectiveness.

  • Develop muscle memory and refine shooting mechanics without live ammunition
  • Offers a wide range of specific drills targeting different aspects of shooting skills -from drawing and presentation to sight alignment and trigger control.
  • Train anytime, anywhere, at no cost, and reach new heights in shooting skills competency

competitions and leaderboards

Rack and Stack with Competitions - COMING SOON

Brass brings an element of friendly competition to your training experience. After completing a drill, your T-Score places you on the leaderboard alongside other shooters.

  • Compete, compare, and challenge friends to see who reigns supreme in various shooting scenarios
  • Competition adds fun, rewards and performance boost With each drill, you’ll sharpen your skills, rise through the ranks, and experience the thrill of shooting success
  • Find camaraderie or healthy competition and inspire others in Brass’ vibrant shooter community