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“Unlike some other apps, this one doesn’t require any specialized or color-specific targets, and it’s compatible with any laser dry firing device. Its target library features Triumph Systems round bullseye targets, but you can set up arrays using any round bullseye targets and calibrate the app for them. There are many different drills you can run with the app, and each has its own instructional video. Additionally, you can remotely restart a drill after running it by simply firing your laser onto the target again.” – Tyler Freel, Staff Writer

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Library of Targets

Target Scanning

Measure Progress

Skill Building Drills




After completing a drill, you’ll receive an objective score based on accuracy, precision, and timing. This will allow you to see how you stack up!


Choose from a variety of drills and targets. The options for mobile firearm training have never been higher.


Track progress in real-time on your personalized dashboard with trends and metrics. Get a T-Score™ after each drill – an algorithm that factors accuracy, speed, and precision – to rack and stack with friends.

all in One training Companion

Anyone, anywhere, anytime

Don’t limit your training due to location, time constraints or ammo costs. Sharpen your shooting skills at your convenience, no matter where you are or what your skill level is. Brass App breaks the barriers of traditional firearms training by offering a flexible solution that fits your lifestyle. Whether you’re at home, at the range, or traveling, supplement your live-fire training with the training platform you access right from your mobile device.

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Customized Training made easy

Customize your training journey with Brass’s tailored features. Every shooter is unique, which is why we offer customizable drills and exercises to match your unique shooting, target distances, time constraints and skill emphasis. Training made easy to achieve the results you want.

Real-time feedback for better shooting

Our real-time data-driven feedback system and advanced technology, provides instant analysis and feedback on accuracy, reaction time, split times, and more with each shot you take. Visualize your shot patterns, track your progress, and gain valuable insights into your personal shooting metrics. You are now empowered to adjust on the fly, improving your shooting skills with each session. It’s all about taking your skills to the next level.

Data-driven insights for smarter Training

Harness the power of data for sharper training. Brass compiles metrics from every session and provides insights and analytics. Analyze your shooting data, identify trends, spot growth zones, and set clear goals. With data, track progress, optimize training, and shoot for success – whether for competition or personal triumph.


Dry Fire

Perfect technique and build muscle memory with unlimited dry-fire repetitions. Dive into diverse drills for improved basics or dynamic actions.

Live Fire

Elevate live shooting with Brass App’s real-time drills and shot clock. Scan targets for instant T-Score™ feedback, enhancing accuracy, precision, and speed.

Shot Clock

Challenge precision under pressure with timed drills. Refine split times, enhance reflexes, and elevate shooting skills with Brass App’s Shot Clock.

developed by a former navy seal in collaboration with diverse expert instructors

Meet Jared Ogden, our CEO and former Navy SEAL, whose invaluable expertise has shaped every aspect of Brass and the full Triumph Training System. His experience in training methodologies in both tactical precision and real-world practicality is incorporated into every training module and course. Welcome to a new era of training excellence.


Whether you’re a shooting enthusiast, an expert, or just getting started, our app is the perfect tool to enhance your skills. With engaging drills, instant feedback, and friendly competitions, you’ll enjoy a fun and rewarding training experience. Take your recreational shooting to new heights with Brass!

Self Defense

When it comes to protecting your loved ones and your home, preparedness is key. Brass is designed to cater to self-defense practitioners, offering realistic scenarios and decision-making exercises to sharpen your skills. Train for high-stress situations, improve your reaction time, and build the confidence needed to defend what matters most.

Law Enforcement

For law enforcement professionals, training is a critical element of peak performance on the job. Brass is specifically tailored to meet the needs of law enforcement personnel, providing realistic training simulations, tactical drills, and performance analytics. Enhance your situational awareness, decision-making abilities, and overall proficiency with our comprehensive training system.

Our Courses

Check out our fun instructional videos such as Hide and Seek, Turn and Burn, and Crawl, Walk, But Don’t Run.

Save the playlist and stay tuned for even more videos on the way!

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Start your journey to peak shooting performance by downloading Brass App. Available for iOS and coming soon to Android devices, our app seamlessly integrates into your training routine. Get ready to unlock a new level of precision and skill.

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Setting up Brass App is quick and easy. Use any laser cartridge with your firearm and secure your smartphone or tablet. Select your desired training mode, whether it’s Live Fire, Dry Fire, or Shot Clock, and you’re ready to go. Our intuitive interface ensures a hassle-free setup, allowing you to focus on what matters most—your training.

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Engage in dynamic training sessions tailored to your goals. Follow the instructions for your chosen mode, whether it’s practicing real-time drills, perfecting your dry fire technique, or challenging yourself with the Shot Clock. Each session is designed to maximize your shooting skills and elevate your performance.



After each drill, experience the power of real-time analysis. Our advanced T-Score algorithm will provide instant feedback. Evaluate your accuracy, precision, speed, and time to pinpoint areas for improvement. This data-driven insight empowers you to refine your skills and track your progress over time.



From the Brass Training System, which includes everything you need for comprehensive training, to just Brass Beam for accurate laser training, and the Brass Stand for easy device setup, we’ve got you covered. Looking for reactive targets? Discover our Shot Seekers, the perfect addition to your training regimen. With our selection of high-quality products, you can create a complete training setup tailored to your needs and take your skills to the next level.

April 19, 2024

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