Dry fire training is a form of practice for shooting sports in which the shooter practices pulling the trigger without any ammunition in the gun. This allows the shooter to practice their shooting technique, trigger control, and other skills without the distractions and safety risks of live fire.

Brass typically works by using the camera on your smartphone or tablet to detect a laser cartridge inserted into your firearm. When you pull the trigger, the laser cartridge emits a laser that is detected by Brass, which then provides feedback on your performance.

To use Brass app, you will need a laser cartridge that is compatible with your firearm. You also need a smartphone or tablet with a camera and the app installed.

We offer a variety of drills developed by elite trainers, tacticians, and your favorite influencers to focus on all aspects of your training.

Brass provide feedback on your performance in a number of ways, such as showing you a visualization of where your shots landed on a virtual target, providing a T-Score™ which is a calculation of your accuracy, precision, speed, & time, a specified accuracy score, as well as your split times.

Right now the answer is no, but we are working on something very special for you.

Brass™ is suitable for both beginners and more advanced shooters. Brass™ app offers drills and exercises that are specifically designed for beginners, intermediates as well as those with a robust training background.

Yes, Brass™ app is designed to work with pistols, rifles and shotguns. Pretty much any firearm you can input a laser into, the system will work with that.

Yes, there are some important safety considerations when using Brass™ app. You should always treat your firearm as if it were loaded, even when using a laser cartridge. You should also be careful not to point the gun at anyone or anything that you don’t want to shoot, and you should always follow proper firearm safety protocols.

The amount of practice needed to see improvement in your shooting skills will depend on a variety of factors, such as your current skill level, the specific drills you are doing, and how frequently you practice. However, in general, regular practice is key to improving your skills, so it’s a good idea to practice with Brass™ as often as you can, while still allowing time for rest and recovery.

While dry fire doesn’t have recoil, there are 3rd party products that are configured for most firearms that simulate real recoil in dry fire training.

Focus on trigger control: Without recoil, you can really focus on your trigger control and ensure that you are pressing the trigger smoothly and consistently. This is an important skill to develop and can greatly improve your accuracy when shooting.

Visualize recoil: When dry fire training, you can still visualize the recoil that would occur if you were firing live rounds. This can help you better simulate the experience of live fire training and develop your muscle memory and shooting technique accordingly.

Use a heavier trigger pull: You can adjust your firearm’s trigger to have a heavier pull weight than usual. This can help simulate the additional force required to fire a live round and help you develop proper trigger control.

Practice follow-through: Without recoil, it’s easier to maintain your shooting position and follow through with your trigger pull. Practicing follow-through can help you develop good shooting habits and ensure that you are making the most of your dry fire training.

Incorporate physical exercise: You can incorporate physical exercise that focuses on the muscles used in shooting, such as grip and forearm strength training. This can help build the strength needed to manage recoil when firing live rounds and make your dry fire training more effective. can help build the strength needed to manage recoil when firing live rounds and make your dry fire training more effective.

Yes, Brass™ training is a great way to improve your shooting stance and body position. By practicing your stance and grip without the distractions of live fire, you can focus on proper form and technique, which can translate into better shooting when you’re at the range. You can also use dry fire training to experiment with different stances and grips to find what works best for you.

Some of the best dry fire drills for improving accuracy include practicing trigger control, sight alignment, and sight picture. You can also practice shooting at different distances and using different types of targets to simulate real-world shooting scenarios. Additionally, using Brass™ to get real-time feedback on your accuracy and adjust your technique accordingly.

Yes, dry fire training is an excellent way to improve your shooting speed and reaction time. By practicing your draw and target acquisition without live rounds, you can work on your speed and reaction time without the risk of accidents or distractions. You can also use drills that focus on rapid target acquisition and transitions to improve your shooting speed and reaction time.

You can use dry fire training to practice shooting on the move by incorporating movement into your drills. For example, you can practice shooting while moving forward or backward, or side to side. You can also practice shooting while transitioning between different shooting positions, such as standing, kneeling, or prone.

Yes, many of the drills in Brass™ can be adapted to different types of firearms. However, it’s important to make sure that you are following the proper safety precautions and using the appropriate equipment for each firearm.

As you improve, you can make your Brass™ training more challenging by increasing the difficulty of your drills. For example, do drills that decrease the time you have to complete a drill, increase the distance between you and your targets, or use smaller or more challenging targets.

Yes, Brass™ training can be a great tool for overcoming target panic and other mental barriers in shooting. By practicing in a low-pressure environment and using drills that focus on mental preparation, you can improve your confidence and focus, which can help you overcome these barriers.

When using Brass™, it’s important to treat your firearm as if it were loaded at all times. Always point the firearm in a safe direction, and never point it at anything you’re not willing to destroy. Also, make sure to remove all live ammunition from the area before beginning your dry fire training.

To simulate different shooting scenarios in Brass™ training, you can use different types of targets, incorporate movement, and practice shooting from different positions. You can also use drills that focus on rapid target acquisition, transitions, and decision making to simulate real-world shooting scenarios.

In real-time mode, Brass App utilizes your smartphone or tablet’s camera to scan your targets after you’ve completed a drill, by analyzing the impacts and holes in the target. The app then provides you with instant feedback, showing you a visualization of how you did. This visual feedback allows you to assess your accuracy, precision, and speed, enabling you to adjust and improve your shooting skills effectively.

The T-Score™ is an advanced scoring system developed by Triumph Systems that factors in your accuracy, precision, speed, and time to calculate your overall performance. This unique scoring system provides a comprehensive assessment of your shooting abilities, helping you understand your strengths and areas for improvement. With the T-Score™, you can track your progress over time and challenge yourself to continuously elevate your skills.

Whether you’re a competitive shooter seeking to top your competitions or an individual looking to enhance your self-defense skills, Brass App has you covered. With a library of drills designed by elite trainers, tacticians, and influencers, our app offers a diverse range of exercises suitable for shooters of all levels. From beginners to advanced practitioners, Brass App provides customized training tailored to your specific needs and goals, making it a versatile and invaluable companion in your journey towards peak shooting performance.

Brass App is designed to work with a virtually any firearm, including pistols, rifles, and shotguns. Depending on your training mode! If you have firearm and a smartphone or tablet with a camera, you can use Brass App to enhance your shooting skills.

Yes, Brass App is versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Whether you prefer to practice in the comfort of your own home or at the shooting range, Brass App offers a flexible solution that fits your training environment.

Absolutely! Brass App provides a comprehensive dashboard that allows you to track your performance metrics over time. From your T-Score™ and accuracy to split times and trends, you’ll have access to valuable insights that can help you monitor your progress and set realistic training goals.

Yes, Brass App offers a variety of drills specifically designed for beginners. These drills focus on fundamental shooting skills, grip, stance, and basic marksmanship. As you progress, you can challenge yourself with more advanced drills to further enhance your shooting prowess.

Absolutely! Brass App allows you to compete with friends, other shooters, and will even offer the ability to participate in shooting challenges and competitions. Challenge yourself to climb the leaderboards, stay motivated, and inspire friendly competition among your shooting community. Until then, share your score with your friends and see if they can beat you.

Yes, Brass App is a valuable tool for law enforcement and military personnel. With drills tailored to enhance situational awareness, decision-making abilities, and tactical proficiency, Brass App offers relevant and practical training for professionals in the field. We also provide a dashboard for those in charge to find all data and metrics in regard to their officers!

Absolutely! Brass App has a dedicated support team ready to assist you with any inquiries or technical issues you may encounter. You can reach out to our support team through the app or our website, and we’ll be more than happy to help you.

Safety is a top priority. Before starting any dry fire training session, ensure your firearm is unloaded, and there is no live ammunition in the area. Always follow proper firearm safety protocols and treat your firearm as if it were loaded, even when using a laser cartridge.

Yes, you can use Brass App to practice shooting on the move. By incorporating movement into your drills and engaging in dynamic shooting scenarios, you can improve your shooting skills in real-world situations.

Brass App stands out with its advanced scoring system, the T-Score™, which provides a comprehensive assessment of your shooting performance. Additionally, the app’s versatility, range of training modes, and library of customizable drills and targets make it a powerful and user-friendly tool for shooters of all levels.

Not yet! Brass App is available for iOS with the launch for Android scheduled for October. You can download it from the App Store for iOS devices or from Google Play for Android devices.

Yes, Brass App can be instrumental in overcoming target panic and flinching. By practicing in a low-pressure environment and utilizing mental preparation drills, you can build confidence and focus, reducing target panic and improving your overall shooting performance.

Brass beam laser cartridge can get stuck on when the cartridge is not input fully into the barrel. It is best practice to clean the barrel fully before inserting Brass Beam to ensure it seats all the way in the barrel. If you continue to have issues, please remove the front o-ring and try again. If you have further troubles we are happy to help you, just reach out.