step-by-step guide

Whether you're a seasoned shooter or just starting, our user-friendly app ensures a smooth journey from setup to mastery.

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Download & Install

Visit the App Store or Google Play to download Brass App on your iOS or Android device. Once installed, open the app and create your account to access all the incredible features.

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Select Your Mode

Choose your preferred training mode—Real Time Training, Shot Timer, or Dry Fire Training. Whether you’re training with live fire or mastering techniques without ammunition, Brass App caters to your needs.

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Choose Your Drill

Browse our extensive library of drills tailored to various skill levels and objectives. Select the drill that aligns with your goals, and get ready for an immersive training session.


Set Up Your Drill

Before you start, customize your drill settings, such as target, countdown, and more. Brass App offers flexibility to tailor each drill to match your preferences and skill level.

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Begin Training

Now, it’s time to dive into the drill. If you’re in Real Time or Shot Clock, let your phone act as a shot clock, guiding you through the challenge. In Dry Fire, set your phone up focus on the target, and get ready. Perform the drill with focus and precision, knowing that our app is capturing every shot and analyzing your performance.

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Get Instant Feedback

Receive real-time feedback on your accuracy, speed, and precision as you complete the drill. Make adjustments on the spot based on the insights provided, and take your shooting skills to new heights.

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Scan Your Target

In Real Time Training, after completing the drill, simply take a quick scan of your target with your phone’s camera. Brass App’s advanced algorithm will calculate your T-Score, providing an objective and comprehensive performance assessment.

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Track Your Progress

Track your progress over time and set new personal bests. Our app’s dashboard provides data-driven insights, trends, and metrics, empowering you to measure your improvement and stay motivated on your journey to shooting excellence.

ui overview

Designed with shooters of all levels in mind, our UI streamlines the training experience, making it easy to navigate and access all the app's features.

We believe that seamless usability leads to superior training experiences. Our user-friendly interface is designed with low friction in mind, ensuring a smooth and efficient journey for every shooter. Intuitive navigation guides you through the app effortlessly, allowing you to focus on what truly matters—improving your skills.

The Brass App interface streamlines your access to a diverse selection of training modes and courses. With just a few taps, you can embark on a personalized training session tailored to your skill level and goals. No complex menus or convoluted processes—just a straightforward interface that gets you to your training session with minimal effort.

Engage in real-time drills and receive instant feedback without any cumbersome steps. Our UI empowers you to focus on your performance, not on navigating the app. Whether you’re a seasoned competitor or a novice enthusiast, Brass App’s intuitive design ensures that your training journey is effortless, allowing you to maximize your progress and achieve exceptional results. Experience low friction and high impact with Brass App today.

app settings

Personalization meets peak performance.

Take charge of your firearms training with the ability to tailor your experience to suit your unique shooting goals. With Brass App’s user-friendly interface, you have the power to modify existing drills, adjust targets, time constraints, and skill focus to match your preferences. The real-time target scanning feature allows you to capture your shooting results effortlessly, with instant feedback through our advanced T-Score system.

Track your progress with comprehensive performance analytics, set personalized notifications, and choose between audio and visual cues to enhance your training journey. With Brass App’s App Settings, your training becomes truly yours, empowering you to unlock your shooting prowess and reach new heights of excellence. Embrace the freedom to customize, train, and excel with Brass App’s low-friction and highly effective App Settings. Maximize your potential and experience firearms training like never before.

Whether you’re a recreational shooter, a self-defense practitioner, or a law enforcement professional, Brass App’s App settings will revolutionize the way you train and elevate your shooting skills to new levels.

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