From navy SEaL to CEO: The Journey of Jared Ogden and the Birth of Brass app

Meet Jared Ogden, our CEO and former U.S. Navy SEAL, whose invaluable expertise has shaped every aspect of Triumph Systems and the Brass Training System.

His experience in training methodologies, rooted in both tactical precision and real-world practicality, is incorporated into every training module and course you see today. Jared’s journey from the battlefields of Afghanistan to leading Triumph Systems and creating Brass App is a testament to his dedication to enhancing training for law enforcement and military personnel, ensuring they are prepared for the challenges they face.

The experience That Sparked Triumph Systems: a Journey from afghanistan to Innovation

When Jared started Triumph Systems, he did not realize the profound impact that his time in the military as a Navy SEAL officer would have on this endeavor. Now, after a decade of separation from Active Duty and seven years of operational experience as the CEO of Triumph Systems, he can look back with clarity and truly understand the magnitude of that impact.

“One experience in particular played a pivotal role in starting this company and shaping where we are today. This experience takes me back to Afghanistan in 2010, about 14 years ago, when we were conducting Foreign Internal Defense (FID) near the Pakistan border. We were stationed at a small fire base, FAB Naw Bahar, transitioning from kinetic operations to training the Afghan National Army (ANA) and Afghan National Police (ANP).

FID is crucial for nation-building, aiming to professionalize a host nation’s military and police forces to ensure they can stand independently. We were there to help Afghanistan neutralize threats and establish a self-sufficient government. During my turnover with the Army Special Forces, I learned about a CONEX box filled with training materials, which was essential for our mission. However, when we arrived, which was a few days after Army SF left FOB Naw Bahar, the CONEX box was mysteriously empty… This created a significant challenge as we needed to select and assess ANA and ANP commandos to accompany us on missions without the necessary training resources.

Improvising, we used water bottles filled with urine as makeshift targets to evaluate their shooting abilities. This was far from ideal, but it was a necessary adaptation. Reflecting on this experience now, I see the direct correlation between those challenges and the solutions Triumph Systems offers today. We create comprehensive training tools that can assess decision-making, reaction time, and tactics without needing large, complex setups or expensive equipment. Our Adaptive Shoot House (can you hyper link this and brass too?) and Brass Training System, for example, could have significantly enhanced our training efficiency back then.”

Triumph Systems now provides products that integrate into a cohesive training system, offering unparalleled preparation for law enforcement and military personnel. These tools are designed to help individuals make split-second, life-or-death decisions in real-world scenarios. The beauty of our products lies in their accessibility; they don’t require a Navy SEAL budget or extensive space, making them suitable for any law enforcement agency or military training program.

Looking back, Jared realized how his instinctual decisions during his deployment have shaped Triumph Systems’ offerings today. If they had the tools we offer now back then, it would have been a game-changer, making the FID mission more effective and their commandos more proficient.

From arrow to archer: The evolution of Triumph Systems

The story of Triumph Systems is one of connecting past professional experiences to current innovations. Jared Ogden looks at this transition as archers and arrows. As he states “back then I was an arrow, someone directed to go and kick down doors, direct traffic, and make those life or death decisions. But I am not that person anymore, I am an archer. Because I have these experiences, I now know what the war fighter needs to succeed, and so these products are enablers. No different than an arrow for an archer.” Triumph Systems’ products are the arrows that empower today’s soldiers, ensuring they are prepared to face any challenge head-on.

“That’s what it’s all about at Triumph Systems. It’s about preparing the law enforcement officer, the soldier, these men and women in uniform that on a daily basis put on their uniform not necessarily knowing what they’re gonna encounter, but knowing that they might have to make a split second life or death decision. And these training aids are second to none for that type of training.” – Jared Ogden

Jared’s journey from Navy SEAL to CEO highlights the importance of adaptive thinking and relentless pursuit of excellence. Triumph Systems exists to prepare and protect those who serve, driven by lessons learned in the field and a commitment to continuous improvement. Our training tools are designed to provide unparalleled preparation for law enforcement and military personnel, embodying the spirit of innovation and dedication that defines our company.

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