Mastering Real-World Defense: The Hide & Seek Drill for Precision and Speed

Forget static targets.

The Hide & Seek drill throws you into a moving game of cat and mouse, where split-second decisions and pinpoint accuracy are the keys to winning. This dynamic training exercise from Brass App isn’t just about hitting a bullseye – it’s about honing your skills for real-world scenarios. By integrating rapid movement with precise shooting, the Hide & Seek drill prepares you for unpredictable threats, ensuring you can protect yourself and others effectively. Dive into the details of this drill and discover how it can elevate your training regimen to new heights.

Key Skills enhanced by the Hide & Seek Drill


The Hide & Seek drill requires you to find and hit a target accurately while maneuvering. This aspect of the drill tests your ability to identify the target quickly and place your shots precisely where they need to go. The constant movement and repositioning help sharpen your focus, ensuring you can maintain accuracy under pressure.


In this drill, speed is of the essence. You must move swiftly between cover positions and fire your shots without delay. This simulates the urgency of a real-life defensive situation, where every second counts. The faster you can make your maneuvers and take your shots, the better prepared you’ll be for actual encounters.


Precision is about consistently hitting the target, even when firing multiple rounds. The Hide & Seek drill challenges you to maintain control over your shots, ensuring that each one hits the mark despite the rapid movements and changes in position. This consistency is crucial for effective defense.

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How The Hide & Seek Drill Is executed

In this drill you’ll need to set up a bullseye target in a room or hallway that is approximately 8 to 12 feet away from a cover point. The cover point may be a barrier, wall, doorway or any obstacles that simulate real-life cover. The drill involves moving quickly from the cover point to accurately fire at the designated targets.

1. Starting Position:

Begin behind the first cover point with your back facing where the target is. Take a deep breath, ready your weapon, and prepare to move.

2. Move to Engage:

On the beep, swiftly move from the cover point, turning 180 degrees to acquire the target. Ensure you’re low and minimize exposure.

3. Target Engagement:

Engage the target once as quickly and accurately as possible and take one or two steps to get out of the fatal funnel.

4. Results:

Once completed, the drill session results will appear. The results will show your T-score, accuracy, avg. distance, and time taken to complete the drill.

5. Repeat:

Continue working to improve your technique by repeating the process. Each movement should be swift, and each shot should be precise.

To see the drill completed live, watch the video to see the importance of maintaining control and composure. Speed is critical, but so is ensuring that each shot counts. The drill emphasizes the balance between rapid movement and precision shooting.


How Is The Hide & Seek Drill Beneficial for Real-World Defense?

In an active shooter or similar defensive scenario, straightforward, open confrontations are rare. More often, you’ll be indoors, taking cover, and fighting for your life. The Hide & Seek drill replicates this reality by having you alternate between taking cover and firing shots. This constant movement between concealment and engagement prepares you for the unpredictable nature of real-world threats, such as a home defense situation where you must protect yourself and loved ones by moving from room to room, using furniture and walls as cover.

This drill is not only invaluable for home defense training but also for law enforcement officers. It mimics the dynamic and unpredictable nature of real-life threats, providing essential practice for rapidly taking cover and engaging targets. We’ve all seen it played out on screen in movies and TV shows, where a hero approaches a dangerous situation, takes a deep breath, readies their weapon, and steps into action. The Hide & Seek drill brings that cinematic intensity into a safe and practical training exercise, making it both challenging and fun to practice.

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