Build Your Shooting Skills With Brass app’s Free Shoot Drills

Imagine this: You're at the range, but before diving into a complex drill, you want to loosen up and sharpen your core marksmanship. Enter Brass App's "Free Shoot" drills.

Honing your firearms skills through diverse and dynamic drills is key to becoming a proficient shooter. Brass App’s “Free Shoot” drills offer an innovative and engaging way to practice fundamental shooting skills, whether you’re just starting your training journey, warming up for a more complex session, or testing out a new firearm. Let’s dive into the specifics of these drills and explore how they can enhance your training experience.

Key Features of Free Shoot Drills

Brass App provides three variations of the “Free Shoot” drills, allowing for 5, 10, and 20 shot sequences. These drills are designed with a random countdown timer that varies slightly each time, ensuring that you stay alert and on your toes. Once the countdown finishes, you shoot the designated number of shots, and the app scores you based on your performance.

Ideal for Beginners and Advanced Shooters

The “Free Shoot” drills are perfect for shooters at all levels:


A great starting point for those new to shooting, these drills emphasize the basics and help build foundational skills.


Use these drills to warm-up before diving into more complex training sessions.

New Firearms:

Get acquainted with a new firearm by running through these simple yet effective drills.

Group Challenges:

Compete with friends or colleagues to see who can achieve the best scores.

Comprehensive Data Tracking

Brass App scores your shots and saves a wealth of data for each session, including:

  • Target: What type of target were you using?
  • Gun Type: What were you shooting with?
  • T-Score: Overall score based on accuracy, speed, total time, precision.
  • Accuracy & Distance: How closely and consistently are you hitting your mark?
  • Shot Times & Splits: Analyze the number and timing of each shot.
  • Date and Time: Keep a detailed log of your training history.
  • XP Earned: Level up in the app as you practice and enhance your skills.

Fun With Fundamentals

Brass App’s “Free Shoot” drills provide a fun way to practice the fundamental aspects of shooting in a controlled environment. The varying countdown times and scoring system keep the drills engaging and challenging, ensuring that you are constantly improving your skills.

  • Accuracy: Sharpen your ability to hit the target consistently.
  • Speed: Improve your reaction times and shooting speed.
  • Precision: Ensure that each shot is deliberate and controlled.

Watch and Learn

To see the “Free Shoot” drills in action, be sure to watch the available videos in the app or on the Brass App YouTube channel. These visual demonstrations provide a comprehensive overview of how to set up and execute the drills, ensuring you get the most out of your training sessions.

Watch Brass App Tutorials on YouTube


Practical applications

The Free Shoot drills are more than just exercises; they translate directly to practical shooting scenarios. For instance, in self-defense situations, the ability to quickly and accurately fire under pressure can be a lifesaver. By practicing these drills, you build muscle memory and reaction times that are crucial in high-stress environments. Additionally, for competitive shooters, the drills help in mastering the fundamentals that are often the difference between winning and losing.

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