Train at the Range: Introducing Brass app’s Real Time Training Mode

Brass App continues to revolutionize the way you train with firearms by introducing the much-anticipated Real Time training mode for iOS users. This cutting-edge update allows you to train on the range with live ammunition, providing a true-to-life shooting experience that enhances your skills in a way that laser training simply can’t match.

With the new Real Time training feature, you can set up your iPhone on a tripod, calibrate it with any bullseye target, and shoot with live ammunition. The app scans your target and scores your performance just like it does with laser training, but you get the added benefits of training with real conditions such as recoil and kick, full magazine weight, and the sound of live fire. Whether you’re a recreational shooter, a self-defense practitioner, a law enforcement professional, or a seasoned marksman you can utilize Real Time training with Brass App to enhance shooting skills with real firearms and live ammunition all while benefiting from our unparalleled scoring system!

Why Real Time Training Is a Game-Changer

For serious shooters and enthusiasts, training with live fire and real-time feedback offers numerous advantages:

1. Authentic Recoil Management:

One of the key aspects of shooting that laser training can’t replicate is managing recoil. Live Fire Training lets you experience the kick of your firearm, helping you learn how to control it effectively and maintain accuracy.

2. Realistic Weight and Balance:

Training with a fully loaded magazine ensures that you get used to the actual weight and balance of your firearm. This is crucial for developing muscle memory and handling your weapon with confidence.

3. Enhanced Precision:

Shooting with real bullets allows you to see the true impact of your shots. This immediate feedback is essential for refining your aim and improving shot placement.

4. Building Confidence:

There’s no substitute for the confidence gained from practicing with live ammunition. Knowing you can handle your firearm accurately and safely in real conditions boosts your readiness for any scenario.

How to Get Started with Real Time Training

1. Setup:

Position your iPhone on a tripod and ensure it’s stable. Open the Brass App and select the Real Time training mode.

2. Calibration:

Calibrate your phone with the bullseye target you’ll be using. The app’s intuitive interface guides you through this process, ensuring accurate scoring.

3. Shoot:

Load your firearm, take aim, and fire. The app will record your shots, providing real-time feedback on your accuracy and precision.

4. Review:

Analyze your performance through detailed reports. The app tracks your progress over time, helping you identify areas for improvement and celebrate your achievements.

Watch and Learn

Want to see the Real Time training mode in action? Check out the Brass App YouTube channel for demonstration videos that walk you through setup and using the features. These tutorials are designed to help you get the most out of your training sessions, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced shooter.

Watch Brass App Tutorials on YouTube


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