Brass App Account Deletion Process

Step 1:

  • Log in to your Brass app account using your credentials. 

Step 2:

  • Navigate to the account profile section (Top Right Corner of the Screen). Your user profile picture or name typically represents this.


Step 3:

  • Scroll to the bottom of the profile page where you will find “Delete Account,” and Click Delete.

Step 4:

  • There will be a warning about the consequences of deleting your account, such as the loss of data or the inability to recover the account.
  • After clicking the “Delete Account Button”, Please fill in the reason for account deletion. This information can be valuable for the app developers to improve their services.
  • Then Click Delete

Step 5:

  • An OTP code will be sent to the email associated with the account. Navigate to the OTP code. Upon entering the OTP sent to the email associated with your account, your account will be successfully deleted.

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