What is target scanning?

Effortless Target Scanning: Precision in Your Hands #

Brass® App is all about delivering precise and detailed feedback to shooters, and our “Effortless Target Scanning” feature is at the forefront of this mission. This capability allows you to scan your target post-drill, providing you with insights that go beyond simple hit or miss determinations. With the convenience of adding and removing shots as needed, and the promise of ongoing AI refinement, Brass®® App ensures that your shooting experience is as accurate and effective as possible.

Post-Drill Precision #

  • Comprehensive Analysis: #

    After completing a drill, use the Effortless Target Scanning feature to scan your target. The app goes beyond binary hit or miss assessments, providing you with detailed feedback about the placement of your shots.

  • Precise Insights: #

    Discover where each shot landed on the target, enabling you to understand your shot grouping and pinpoint areas for improvement. This level of precision sets Brass®® App apart.

User-Friendly Adjustments #

  • Shot Management: #

    Sometimes, false hits can occur, especially in dynamic shooting scenarios. Brass® App understands this and allows you to effortlessly add or remove shots from your scan. This ensures that your feedback accurately reflects your performance.

  • Fine-Tuning: #

    Adjust the results as needed to account for any anomalies. This level of control empowers you to fine-tune your feedback for maximum accuracy.

The Power of AI #

  • AI Hit Detection: #

    As more users engage with the system, our AI continuously learns and evolves. It evaluates hit detection at a higher rate of success and accuracy, fine-tuning its ability to distinguish between real hits and false readings.

  • Ongoing Enhancements: #

    System updates driven by AI improvements are a regular occurrence. This means that your shooting experience with Brass® App becomes increasingly reliable and precise over time.

Precision in Your Hands #

“Effortless Target Scanning” isn’t just about providing feedback; it’s about putting precision in your hands. With the ability to review your shots in detail and make adjustments as needed, you have the tools to enhance your shooting skills with precision and purpose.

Elevating Your Performance #

Brass® App is dedicated to your growth and excellence as a shooter. Effortless Target Scanning is a testament to this commitment, offering you the means to refine your skills and refine your performance with unparalleled accuracy.

Ready to experience the precision of Effortless Target Scanning? Dive into Brass® App and discover the depths of your shooting performance today.

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