What is a T-Score?

The Triumph Systems® Score (T-Score™): Revolutionizing Shooting Assessment #

In the world of firearms training, precision matters. Brass® App takes this commitment to precision to the next level with the groundbreaking Triumph Systems® Score, or T-Score™. This innovative scoring feature isn’t just about assigning numbers; it’s about providing a holistic evaluation of your shooting excellence. T-Score™ empowers you to monitor your progress, surpass past achievements, and witness tangible improvements in your shooting abilities.

The Power of T-Score™ #

  • Holistic Evaluation: #

    T-Score™ doesn’t focus on a single aspect of your shooting; it evaluates your overall performance. It considers accuracy, speed, precision, and time, providing you with a well-rounded view of your shooting abilities.

  • Real-Time Insights: #

    After each drill, your earned T-Score™ serves as an instant, data-driven testament to your shooting finesse. It’s not just a score; it’s a reflection of your current skill level.

Monitor Your Progress #

  • Track Your Growth: #

    T-Score™ allows you to monitor your progress over time. By comparing your scores across different training sessions, you can see how your shooting skills are advancing.

  • Set New Targets: #

    As you witness your T-Score™ improve, you’ll be motivated to set new targets and push your boundaries further. T-Score™ becomes a benchmark for your continuous growth.

Surpass Past Achievements #

  • Challenge Yourself: #

    Your past achievements are just stepping stones to greater heights. T-Score™ encourages you to challenge yourself by aiming for higher scores and reaching new levels of shooting excellence.

  • Consistent Improvement: #

    With T-Score™ as your guide, you’ll experience the satisfaction of consistently surpassing your past accomplishments. It’s a journey of personal and shooting growth.

Witness Real Improvements #

  • Concrete Evidence: #

    T-Score™ provides you with concrete evidence of your improvement as a shooter. It’s not subjective; it’s data-driven proof that your dedication and training are paying off.

  • Inspiration to Excel: #

    Every T-Score™ becomes a source of inspiration. It motivates you to keep refining your skills, pushing your limits, and striving for excellence in every shot you take.

Elevate Your Shooting Journey #

The Triumph Systems® Score (T-Score™) isn’t just a scoring feature; it’s a revolution in how shooters evaluate their performance. It’s about embracing data-driven insights, setting new standards for excellence, and continuously pushing the boundaries of your shooting skills.

Ready to unlock the transformative power of T-Score™ and take your shooting journey to unprecedented heights? Dive into Brass® App and discover the path to shooting mastery today.

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