Where can I train with Brass® App?

Accessibility Anywhere, Anytime: Training Without Boundaries #

One of the defining features of Brass® App is its unwavering commitment to making firearms training accessible, convenient, and cost-effective for shooters of all levels. With “Accessibility Anywhere, Anytime,” we’ve shattered the limitations of traditional training, giving you the freedom to train whenever and wherever you choose.

Train at Your Convenience #

  • Flexible Scheduling: #

    Forget about being tied to range schedules or training facilities. Brass® App dry fire feature allows you to practice at your convenience, fitting training sessions into your busy lifestyle.

  • No Range Fees: #

    Save money on costly range fees. Train in the comfort of your own home or at any suitable location, eliminating the need for expensive trips to the range.

Available on iOS and Android #

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: #

    Brass® App is available on both iOS and Android devices, ensuring that you can access our cutting-edge training platform, regardless of your preferred mobile platform.

  • Seamless Experience: #

    Enjoy a seamless transition between devices, whether you’re using a smartphone or tablet. Your training progress and data remain synchronized across platforms.

Cost-Efficient Training #

  • Save on Live Ammo: #

    Traditional live-fire training can be expensive due to the cost of ammunition. With Brass® App’s dry-fire mode, you can practice without live ammo, significantly reducing your training expenses.

  • No Travel Costs: #

    Eliminate the need for costly travel to shooting ranges. Train at home or local facilities without incurring additional travel expenses.

  • No Wifi, No Problem: #

    WiFi is not required to use the app. The data will simply sync to your profile once access to WIFI becomes available.

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