How is my shooting scored?

Advanced Scoring Technology: (T-Score™) #

At Brass®, we believe that precision in shooting deserves a precise evaluation. That’s why we’ve introduced the innovative Triumph Score, or T-Score™, an advanced scoring algorithm that sets new standards in assessing shooting excellence. With T-Score™, you can evaluate your accuracy, speed, precision, and time with unparalleled accuracy and depth, enabling you to gauge your progress, challenge friends, and strive for exceptional performance.

The Power of T-Score™ #

  • Accuracy Assessment: #

    T-Score™ thoroughly analyzes your shot accuracy, providing you with detailed insights into your shot placement. It ensures that you understand not just if you hit the target, but where on the target your shots landed.

  • Speed Measurement: #

    Your reaction time and speed are critical components of shooting proficiency. T-Score™ measures these factors with precision, allowing you to identify areas for improvement in your shooting tempo.

  • Precision Analysis: #

    Precision is the hallmark of a skilled shooter. T-Score™ evaluates the precision of your shots, helping you understand the consistency and tightness of your groupings.

  • Time Evaluation: #

    Time is of the essence in many shooting scenarios. T-Score™ assesses your timing, helping you refine your shot sequences and transitions.

Gauging Your Advancement #

  • Track Your Progress: #

    T-Score™ isn’t just a static score; it’s a dynamic tool for monitoring your growth. By comparing your T-Scores across different sessions, you can see how your shooting skills are advancing.

  • Set Personal Benchmarks: #

    Challenge yourself to beat your previous T-Scores. As you continuously improve, you’ll witness firsthand the fruits of your dedication and training.

Aim for Exceptional Performance #

  • Raise Your Standards: #

    With T-Score™, you have a benchmark for exceptional performance. Use it as a standard to aim for, constantly pushing the boundaries of your shooting skills.

  • Become the Best: #

    Striving for exceptional performance isn’t just about besting others; it’s about becoming the best version of yourself as a shooter. T-Score™ helps you achieve this goal.

The Brass® App Advantage #

  • Data-Driven Training: #

    T-Score™ is more than a score; it’s data-driven training. It provides you with actionable insights to focus on specific areas of improvement.

  • Continuous Learning: #

    With each shot, each session, and each challenge, you’re on a path of continuous learning and improvement, all guided by the precision of T-Score™.

Elevate Your Shooting Excellence #

Advanced Scoring Technology with T-Score™ isn’t just about scoring; it’s about elevating your shooting excellence to new heights. Whether you’re training for competition, self-defense, or personal growth, T-Score™ empowers you to measure your progress with precision and challenge yourself and others to aim for exceptional performance.

Ready to unlock the precision of T-Score™ and take your shooting skills to the next level? Dive into Brass® App and embark on a journey of precision and mastery today.

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