What is Realtime Scoring?

Real-Time Feedback: Elevate Your Performance

The  Brass® App’s “Real-Time Feedback” feature is your direct pathway to immediate improvement in shooting performance. With this cutting-edge technology, you receive instant, data-driven insights, allowing you to fine-tune your skills on the spot.


What Does Real-Time Feedback Offer?

  • Instant Insights: As you fire each shot in dry fire mode, our advanced technology analyzes critical metrics in real-time, providing you with valuable insights to enhance your shooting skills. In real time live fire mode, once the drill is complete, scan the target with your smart device and the advanced technology will analyze those critical metrics.


  • Accuracy Assessment: Receive a detailed evaluation of your accuracy, ensuring you understand your shot placement and can make necessary adjustments.


  • Reaction Time Analysis: Measure your reaction time to the millisecond, allowing you to pinpoint areas where you can become quicker and more responsive.


  • Split Times Examination: Understand the time intervals between shots with precision, identifying opportunities for faster follow-up shots.


  • Holistic Improvement: Real-time feedback covers a wide spectrum of shooting performance aspects, giving you a comprehensive view of your strengths and areas for growth.



How Does It Work?

  • Fire Your Shots: Simply engage in your shooting drills as usual, whether you’re in live-fire practice or dry-fire training.


  • Immediate Analysis: After each shot in laser dry fire training, the app swiftly processes the data and provides you with instant feedback. In live fire mode, simply scan your target following the drill


  • On-The-Spot Adjustments: Armed with this real-time information, you can make immediate adjustments to your shooting technique, accuracy, and speed.


Why Real-Time Feedback Matters

  • Precision: The Brass® App helps you fine-tune your skills with pinpoint accuracy, reducing guesswork and uncertainty.


  • Efficiency: Immediate feedback means faster skill development, enabling you to make progress rapidly.


  • Performance Growth: Use the data-driven insights to target specific areas for improvement and elevate your overall performance.


  • Confidence Building: Confidence comes from competence. With each shot, you’ll gain the assurance that your skills are evolving.




Make Every Shot Count


With Brass’s Real-Time Feedback, every shot you take becomes an opportunity for improvement. Whether you’re a beginner refining your basics or an advanced shooter aiming for perfection, this feature empowers you to take control of your progress and achieve shooting excellence.


Ready to experience the power of real-time feedback? Dive into your training sessions with Brass® App, and let data-driven insights pave the way to precision and mastery.



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