Who developed Brass Training System?

Meet Our CEO: Jared Ogden – A Leader with Unparalleled Expertise #

At Brass®, our leadership is a testament to our commitment to excellence, and at the helm stands a remarkable individual—Jared Ogden. As a former Navy SEAL and the CEO of Triumph Systems, Inc. & Brass®, Jared brings a wealth of experience in training methodologies and tactical precision that profoundly influences every aspect of our app. His dedication to empowering shooters and ensuring they have access to the best possible training experience is at the heart of our mission.

A Navy SEAL’s Legacy #

Unparalleled Expertise #

  • Elite Military Background: Jared Ogden’s journey began as a Navy SEAL, one of the most elite special operations units in the world. His experience in high-stress, high-performance situations forms the foundation of his expertise.
  • Training Methodologies: As a SEAL, Jared honed his skills through rigorous training methodologies. His deep understanding of what it takes to excel in the field is infused into every aspect of Brass® App.

Shaping Brass® and Triumph Training System #

  • Every Detail Matters: Jared’s commitment to excellence is reflected in his meticulous approach to developing Brass® and the Triumph Training System. He believes that every detail, from the drills in the library to the scoring system, should contribute to a shooter’s growth and success.
  • User-Centric Design: Jared is passionate about ensuring that Brass® App is user-centric. His goal is to provide a platform that empowers shooters of all levels to achieve their best, and this commitment is the driving force behind the continuous improvement of our app.

Connect with Our CEO #

Your Feedback Matters #

  • Open Communication: Jared Ogden is not just a CEO; he’s a leader who values the input and experiences of the Brass® App community. He invites you to reach out and share how the app has helped you, or what you would like to see more or less of. Email – [email protected]
  • Your Voice Shapes the Future: Your feedback is a critical component of our app’s evolution. By sharing your thoughts, you play an active role in shaping the future of Brass®, making it an even more effective and user-friendly platform.

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